LIST: My Favorite Animals

23 Feb

Well guys, today I’m going back to elementary school, and letting you know what my favorite animals and creatures are.   So let’s jump in.

1.  Hedgehogs–It’s a miniporcupine that can’t stick you.   They are so adorable, and watching them just wander about is like watching a toy!

2.   Seahorses–Unearthly, odd creatures that look like something made in a scientist’s workshop.  They also are one of the few creatures where the males carry the young.

3. Black Panthers–These are the bad-ass cats.   Unfortunately they are genetic mutations and not a real breed of anything.

4.  Golden Retrievers–While I generally like dogs, the Golden Retrievers I’ve met have been exceptionally loyal, intelligent, playful, and warm.   There’s something about them that makes me melt a little.

5.  Raccoons–Many see these creatures as pests (which they certainly can be) however, they are so very smart that I can’t help but be impressed with them.

6.  Dragonflies–Unfortunately dragonflies live in places which have other less beloved insects, but I think they are beautiful.

7. Preying Mantis–Another one of those creatures that look like something made in a  lab.

8.  Otters–The funnest most playful creatures around.

9.   Hummingbirds–I run into them now and then here in Portland.   They sound like they’re made of electricity.

10.    Goldfish–They are very common, but I think they are absolutely stunning.   Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

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