Albums Worth Listening to: Morcheeba, Blood Like Lemonade

2 Nov

Lately I’ve been in a more low-key, quiet place, but with some edges, and Morcheeba is the perfect accompaniment to this.   There’s a sort of dark glamour to their music, and it’s exactly the sort that is terrific as aural wallpaper, but still rewards close listening.

The themes here, under sleepy lyrics, are based on horror, vampirism, self destructiveness, and having waited too long.   Through the meandering lines, under a pepper moon, the words slowly sink into the music like things in the water.   Slowly the music moves from being about myths to being about finding your place in this world even though we’re all a bit older, all a bit less connected.

Funnily enough, the album has a happy ending, sort of like after going through all your fears and inadequacies, you’re really going through a trial by fire, and at the end, you’ll be prepared to go where you want.   Even though I’m not sure this is true, I want it to be true, and this album is extremely hopeful, even by acknowledging the darker edges of our experiences.

The sound is luxuriant–way deeper than most downtempo music–instead of going towards minimalism, we still have a layered sound under a husky whispered vocal.  Subtle, dreamlike, hypnotic–this music is perfect for late night reading or just laying in bed and thinking.   Lovely.

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