Pop Culture Friday: Captain Phillips is a Rap God of the Storm Front

25 Oct

1.  Rap God–By Eminem—Sheesh—there are people who do think of Eminem as a rap god, and yes, his beats are really good, and he slams ’em down better than nearly everybody.  I’m just a lil’ bit tired of him playing the provocateur.     I don’t think that he is homophobic (though it’s hard to tell), I do think he will say things just to get people’s backs up, and that he seems to target lgtb people doesn’t really make it better in my eyes.   And yes there’s violent lyrics and some women bashing lyrics too.   However, he’s being so sarcastic here it’s not like I think he’s telling the literal truth on all these matters.   Here’s my biggest issue:  what’s the point?  I mean in 2000 Eminem was talking about the current pop culture as it stands, and taking down some sacred cows–and while I don’t agree with the manner he always did this, he did have a point in doing it.   Now, he’s a middle aged man just spewing out the same stuff he did then.  And yes, I know that Slim Shady is a character, but isn’t it a little disingenuous to take a character so you can say stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t get away with?  Especially because he sounds like that kid in junior high who just says crazy stuff in order to cause a reaction.  Well here’s my alter ego–Fat Britey with a message for you Slim—Grow Up.

2.  Captain Phillips–It’s nice to see Tom Hanks in a big movie again–it’s like seeing a familiar old friend after a long while and being pleasantly surprised when your relationship immediately returns to a comfortable place.   The movie itself has a basic under siege plot, but the characters are so well drawn that there’s both action and some good thinking points in here.   Ok, so Tom Hanks has a Boston accent that fits him as well as a wrecking ball fits Miley Cyrus, but after that fades, we’re all good.

3.   Storm Front–By James Patterson–Erm–another book going in the Da Vinci Code stuff?  Sigh–I’m sorry the Da Vinci Code was ever written.

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