Albums Worth Listening To: Circulus, Transcending Power

5 Sep



Ok, so imagine a Renaissance Faire mixed with Zardoz with a surprisingly authentic sounding 70’s production, make them look like side members of The Fall, and you’ve got Circulus.  Sound awful?  Actually it isn’t.    For one thing, the tone, of a futuristic medieval sounds like how science fiction rock should sound (unlike how it often does).  There’s no pompousness here, other than the tongue and cheek kind, and they certainly have a sense of humor which is a saving grace.  However, they also take their music seriously and really know the music they are pulling from in order to make this post-electric fantasy.

What I really like about this album is that it’s an experience.  In this day of downloadable music, we’ve gotten to a point where a lot of it has come down to jingle-writing, selling singles has again become king after decades of singles being relatively unimportant sales-wise.   I don’t think this is a terrible thing altogether, there’s many bands of yore that I wish would have only released a handful of singles then drifted away rather than be forced to put out an album they clearly don’t have the talent for.

However, that changes music, and the idea of “album” is quickly going away, at least for the time being.   (Don’t worry, everything comes back eventually.)   This is an album to wear a pair of chunky headphones, and listen to as you close your eyes and join them for a journey.   Because of this, there’s little that stands out, however, the whole journey has some gloriously beautiful swells as well as hoot-worthy parts.   Ignore the looks of this band, because what they make is capital A art, and fun art at that.

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