What I would teach.

1 Sep

Well, school is about to start, and after a bit of the summer off from writing, I am back on the saddle.    So to start things off, I want to discuss what I would teach in schools–sometimes I think schooling isn’t thought about as preparing people for life, rather as something that’s kids just do.   So here’s where I would go with it.

1.  The basics–reading, writing, arithmetic, basic science, math.

2.  P.E.  but not the physical education that I had as a kid–this will be about exploring different kinds of exercise and body movement.  I also think that the classes should have a good deal of movement too.

3.  Literature–not only how to read, but how to get things out of books.

4.  How to make a budget, and stick to it, and general money management.

5.  How to make healthy meals. 

6.  How to calm down when you’re upset.

7.  How to mourn.

8.  Empathy

9.  How to actively think.

10.  Problem solving.

11. Basic first aid.  Also how to treat cuts, bruises, minor illness.

12.  Basic household repairs and upkeep.

13.   How the government works, local, state, national, and international.

14.   Healthy skepticism, not to believe everything you hear.

15.  How to be a good friend.

16.  How to be able to work with people you don’t like.

17.   How to keep a home clean and tidy.

18.  Politeness.

19.  Citizenship.

20.  Art and the appreciation of the arts.  

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