Movie Review: Temple Grandin

3 Aug

Temple Grandin is about the coming of age of a autistic woman who found a way to function.    It’s really difficult to have a movie about a mental condition without it coming off as mawkish and still have it be inspiring.   Temple Grandin might be the only tv  movie I’ve ever seen that manages to do this.

A lot of the credit has to go to Claire Danes–I’ve had my eye on her for years as a potentially great actress as an adult, she has a knack for showing characters that are strong, smart, and sensitive, which is exactly how Temple Grandin needs to be portrayed.

HBO’s fresh take on Temple Grandin showed me how insulting the typical Lifetime-style of subject movie can be.   Temple is not portrayed as a helpless victim, nor is she portrayed as someone who can magically make her problems go away once she tries.   Temple is portrayed as a human being, like all, who has problems, and deals with them because she’s so honest with herself.   I think that’s why this movie succeeds where others fail–the movie does not feel sorry for Temple because she’s autistic, rather, the movie admires Temple for finding a way to overcome her challenges.

I’d recommend anyone to watch this, it’s marvelous.

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