Pop Culture Friday–Now You See Davinci’s Blurred Lines Edition

7 Jun

1.  Robin Thicke–Blurred Lines–Many things to say about this song.  First–it sounds like Thicke stole the big hit that Justin Timberlake was going for on his album (not that Timberlake’s album is bad, it’s just a little…safe, there’s not much that sticks out on it.)   The big thing is that this song is a lot of fun and it sounds like everybody’s having a good time during it.  Second–the lyrics being “misogynistic” and then the response that this song is making fun of misogynistic lyrics, well both statements are kind of lame.  The song is supposed to just be fun and a little bit silly–clearly Thicke isn’t taking himself too seriously in this one.  Yeah there’s a few iffy lyrics, but it’s not like I think he’s really going to pull someone’s hair if they don’t ask him to.  Third, there’s a naughty video that they pulled off of youtube featuring nudity–ho hum–I mean it’s not like people can’t find nudity on the net if they really want it.  In the end this song will be played to death this summer, so get ready.

2.  Now You See It–My god–what isn’t Morgan Freeman in lately?  I swear he shows up in every big hollywood movie, if only as the narrator.  Well good for him, I have to say it’s nice to see an older actor making good.  Anyway, the movie is supposed to draw you in with the visuals because the story is kind of silly–magicians robbing banks?  Beating the CIA (or FBI, I’m never sure–government agents of some sort.)  It’s big, it’s slick, it’s kind of dumb, but it’s the summer so I can dig it.

3.  Inferno by Dan Brown–Another Davinci code sequel.  There’s been much, much worse on the top of the New York Times list, but still, don’t people have conspiracy fatigue by now?  One thing about conspiracies–they assume that human nature is much more able to keep a secret than I think it generally is.

Oh well America, this week…wasn’t so bad.  It’s summer, I get it, it’s not the time for anything more than something to have between barbecues to get out of the early summer heat.

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