Albums Worth Listening To: The Sticks by Mother Mother

18 May

the sticks


Usually I avoid reviewing albums that are too recent–it’s too easy to get sucked into the zeitgeist rather than looking at what is good and will last.  However I am confident that this little gem has legs under it.

Ryan Guildemond, the lead singer and main music writer for this band is a crazy-smart virtuoso–honestly this album is the sort that a younger me would pore over the lyrics and send little bits of them to people I know.  That’s the other reason this album may last–it’s a true album, with a theme, where the songs–all very good–add up to a whole imagined landscape.  The theme is leaving the modern world behind, going off to the wild–literally and figuratively.

The influence are wide and ranging–you’ll hear some Pixies, Depression music, psycho hillbilly, indie dance, OK Computer era Radiohead, Cole Porter, My Bloody Valentine, Elvis Costello–I could go on forever, the point is this is greater than the sum of influences–they truly make their own world–not always a fun world, mind you, but a real place, and there’s so many times while listening to it where I say to myself yes, yes, this is how it is.

This is the pop-on-the-headphones, just-broke-up-with-your-boyfriend, pace-and-write-bad-poetry album to have on your playlist on repeat.  You’ll memorize the lines which will  pop up in your days as perfect descriptions of many of the ridiculous situations we all get in this plastic modern world.

The reason I can wholeheartedly recommend this is because it isn’t just that it’s musically sophisticated, but that it seems to be about real feelings, thought out–thoughts about significance and clashing values and the anger that lies latent in modern life.  They are so much more than many indie bands which are more about fashion than substance.

Embrace your wild side–not the self destructive one, but the one that does not want to pay attention to everybody’s rules anymore and hide away in some rough section of the forest.  Let the archipalegos take you places.  It’s just the medicine you need, trust me.

One Response to “Albums Worth Listening To: The Sticks by Mother Mother”

  1. aleciarachel August 16, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    Hello there. I stumbled upon this post and I’m so glad I did. I feel like Mother Mother are underrated both in their lyrical creativity and musicality. It’s nice to see them being talked about and appreciated. They’re also fantastic live and very nice people. Great band all around 🙂

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