Pop Culture Friday: Bland, bland, bland edition

17 May

1.  Iron Man 3–I saw the preview, and while there are certainly impressive special effects, it doesn’t seem that substantial.  It doesn’t look bad per se, it looks standard.   Red Letter Media had a discussion about how the average movie is often the worst movie because it holds no surprises and also it’s not horrible enough to make fun of–that’s what Iron Man looks like to me.  That’s my problem with a “thrill ride” movie–it’s like some producer has timed how long it needs to be between action sequences, and fills the bits in between with completely unchallenging dramatic pieces–it’s boring because it’s so predictable.  I wonder who it is that keeps going to these things.  Also, the movie seems to be bringing up terrorism as a way to make the show relevant, and it sorta makes me cringe, because I doubt that Iron Man is going to look at such a loaded issue with very much verisimilitude at all.

2.  Selena Gomez, Come and Get it–I’m kind of divided on this one.  Selena Gomez is a very beautiful woman, and I really like how pop culture has somebody so non-standard that they’re pushing.  However, this song is kind of flat.  It’s like they took 90’s world music and pasted a very vocodored out voice over the top with the most generic love lyrics ever.  It comes off as sounding like post-toxic Britney Spears.  Don’t get me wrong, Selena Gomez has 1000 times more charisma that Britney ever had, but it’s very much product, as in it comes off that Selena didn’t even know anything about this song before performing it.  Yawn–I’m bored again,  come back again Selena when you’ve got some better material.

3.  Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After–Ahhhh, a good series long after it’s jumped the shark–I haven’t read this particular book, but I’ve read others so I know what I’m talking about.  The True Blood series were good because they took a different angle on the whole vampire trend, and were head and shoulders above things like Twilight.  However, Harris got a bad case of mystery writer syndrome, where the same situations started happening over and over (how many times can one small group of people be set up for murder?  It’s like in every book, I swear.)  Also the series lost a lot of the risk, and therefore a lot of the interest, and traded it in for frothy soap-opera shenanigans.

So America, you’re kinda being boring, sticking to predictable things that big companies have decided that you would like.  I’d really like it if you thought for yourself more, rather than having it so enormously bland.  Step it up a little.  I know you’ll like it.

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