Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons

21 Apr



I’ve been enjoying some Classic Doctor Who, John Pertwee era shows lately.  First they are so extraordinarily seventies–from the cackling Master, to the blue screen special effects, to how people react to things, it’s freakishly entertaining in such a gonzo way, it’s hard not to like it.  Second, I really like Jo Grant.  Sure, she’s  not exactly progressive, being kind of flaky-doofy, but she’s so warm and energetic, and her relationship with the doctor is so fun that I can’t help but love her.  Also, I saw her in her recent interviews and she’s just amazingly well preserved.  I don’t know if this is DNA or really good genes, but all I have to say is you go Jo grant!

Also this episode has chairs that kill, a psychopathic voodoo doll, plastic flowers that smother you, and these creepy big head robots that shoot out of their hands!   My only criticism is that it might be a little too doofy at times–I mean, why does the Master act like a rather stupid James Bond villain if he’s so smart?  I really recommend these older episodes, they are a hoot and a half.

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