Pop Culture Friday–America seriously needs therapy edition

12 Apr

1.  Cruise by Florida Georgia Line–Ok, I have to admit, I am not a country fan.  Sure I can get the appeal, but popular country doesn’t tend to push very many boundaries nor really inspire me much.  This song in particular doesn’t have much of the things that I actually like in country–the voice is extremely autotuned, the song has like three notes, and it’s just so repetitive.   Honestly if you took all the faux Americana references out it wouldn’t be any different than any other pop song.  The video is puzzling–so this girl gets in a stranger’s black truck (yes that’s a great idea) and then they all end up at a concert where they throw dirt at each other, in front of an American flag?  I’d call it conceptual, but it’s clearly not.  I don’t know, by big beef with country music is it seems to be written by people who talk about their favorite Dukes of Hazzard episode than really living in the country.

2.  Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire–Ok so the cover has a giant bicep with a tattoo of a butterfly on it.  I can see how he is a WALKING DISASTER!  It’s a blue butterfly too!    Actually it’s another book in a semi new trend of capturing abusive relationships and acting like it’s meant to be because of true love.  Who’s reading these things?  Actually a lot of women in abusive relationships.  Now I’m not a censorer, but this romanticization of people being with extremely screwed up people who hurt them is quite dangerous, and is one of the instincts that people need to get out of their system.  So if they read about it, and don’t do it, then I think it’s ok, but if they’re reading it and come out thinking they should tolerate violence and control, well that’s another issue entirely.  Whenever anybody talks like this, people get in a huffy place and say something like “it’s just a story!”  But what if I had a story where some little kid got terrorized by his father but it was meant to be because they’re a family.  And the part that I find the most insulting is that the main character should be understood for being abusive because he’s really afraid underneath it all.  Aren’t we all afraid?  Don’t most of us have some measure of fear?  Does that give us permission to hurt or to tolerate hurt?

3.  Evil Dead–Ok, so I LOVE the original Evil Dead movies, all three of them.  This one looks ok.  It doesn’t look as bad as it could be that’s for sure, and I wonder if the movie would be a little easier to swallow if they didn’t bother trying to make it linked to the Evil Deads in the first place (just a thought).  However, it’s way smarter than most horror fare, and it’s a hard R, which really makes it better than all those lame-o pg-13 horror movies that just feel like spooky cartoons.  Oh, and the violence, my gosh–it is a movie that makes you squirm.  I’d say if you want to see a good horror film, watch it–just don’t expect the same magic that came out the first three–this one is too slick for that.

Well America, you really need therapy.  Let’s figure out how to have a mature relationship of equals, let’s stop throwing dirt at each other, for god’s sake let’s stop getting in strangers cars, and if a book says do not open and is closed with barbed wire, why not just leave it be.

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