Pop Culture Friday: Radioactive Sexy Vampire G.I. Joe!

5 Apr

1.  Imagine Dragons, Radioactive–I think this is one example where the video really pushed the song up to the top of the charts, though the song is pretty good, not one for all the ages, but decent.  It makes me think of Radiohead and U2 mushed together (not that there’s all that much difference between the two bands anyway–Radiohead is a little more experimental and U2 is more anthemic, that’s all.)    The video is a somewhat clever sort of muppet fight club with all these people betting around a sort of fighting pit.  A little pink teddy bear comes in and zaps all the monsters.  Now, mind you, this is WAAAAAY better than most things in the top 40, but still, the song doesn’t really mean anything, and the video is funny like once and then I get bored.  Maybe I need some ritalin.

2.  Lover at Last, J.R. Ward–Ok, so first it’s a vampire book, yeah, vampires are their own subgenre, but since Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries on and on and on, I am seriously tired of them.  More specifically I’m really tired of the romanticized version of them.  Second it’s the 11th book in a series written since 2005–ok, when someone writes that much in that short a time (and this is only ONE of her series) I really start to question the quality.    Also they’re named things like Rhage and Rhevenge.  Also the words sexy and shocking are slathered all through the reviews.  (By the way, these words sexy and shocking are meant in the terms of what is sexy and shocking for the suburban Applebees crowd, I don’t think I’d find much of this either based on the quotes I read.)

3. G.I. Joe Retaliation– Ok, if there’s anything I’m tireder of than Vampires, it’s 3D movies–particularly 3D action movies that think that the effects will drown out the fact that there’s no story and it’s really boring.    The funny thing is that this doesn’t look anything like G.I. Joe.  It looks like a ninja movie.  Also why on earth is 7 nation army playing?  Jack White–you should have sat on that song rather than let it play here (oh well, I hope he got paid well for it.)    Also Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis need to write a note to themselves that they have both reached their limit on incredibly dumb movies.  I”m sorry, Bruce Willis is much better than this, and Dwayne Johnson might be better than this if they tried for something a little smarter.  It’ll make a gazillion dollars and there will be hand wringing over why these things make money, but they always do.  Shrug.

So 1 out of 3?  Well you’ve done worse America, but you can do better.   I’m not expecting high art, but could you just get away from Mcbooks and McMovies for a week or two?  You’ll like it if you try it.

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