Pop Culture Friday: Not as terrible as it could be edition

29 Mar

1.  Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera–Ok, so this is your standard pop-rap song–take a very familiar hook from a classic song (this time it’s Take on Me), rap about how popular and rich you are, and oh yeah how much you’ve learned, and then bring in a big voiced singer to do some big swoopy chorus.  Repeat and rinse.  One thing I don’t understand is why anyone would want to listen to a song that anybody sings that’s about how great they are.  Is that meant to make me feel great?  Am I supposed to identify with Pitbull here?  I mean, he’s not arrogant–just a little braggy–so it’s not terrible or anything, it just doesn’t engage me.  Also in the video Christina Aguilera has the weirdest hair-extensions–they look like they are about to pop off any second.  She seems to be trapped in some room where a camera just spins around her over and over again, when Pitbull is traveling around, in front of crowds.  I think he has her trapped in a special room or something where she has to sing OOOOHWOWOWO I JUST WANT TO FEEL THIS MOMENT 10,000 times before he lets her out.

2.  The Croods–Ok this is the movie of the week.  Item 1) The animation looks amazing.  Item 2) everything else about it looks like a retread from the Flintstones.   I like the Flintstones well enough, though I have to admit sometimes their humor gets a bit schlocky, and the Croods looks pretty similar.  I mean the girl in this has shoes invented for her and she goes nuts for them and it’s supposed to be funny because girls like shoes–see what I mean?  And also there’s a bunch of other tropes, people doing old-time versions of modern things, a sassy old lady character, the dumb but lovable brother–the whole bit.  So I don’t know what to think.  An incredibly well-animated movie with a somewhat lazy story?  Oh it’s Dreamworks.  Of course.

3.   Six Years, Harlan Coban–I’m very suspicious of any book where the name of the author is in bigger print than the name of the book.    However, by all accounts this is a very solid mystery.  I’ve read snippets and I have to admit that Jake Fisher is an appealing character–he’s chatty, curious, a little bit more than the hard-boiled boring he-men of other books like this.    And the story?  Twists and turns!  (I’m being a little sarcastic here, I don’t always want the unexpected, sometimes the best stories are where things are not only expected but inevitable.)    Oh well, I’m kind of snarky today, so I have to admit that perhaps this might be a worthwhile book to read.

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