The Pixies–Velouria

28 Mar

The Pixies have a bunch of great songs, but my favorite–by far–is Velouria.   Velouria doesn’t follow the same twisted pop mood that The Pixies tend to normally wander.  First the sound is very spacy-lush, like an alien that has just landed in a planet of green ferns.   Punctuated by feedback that sounds like rising alien ships.  Though the lyrics are nonsense, they are also the sounds of following a muse that will lead to strange places.

Any song that starts with  “Hold my hand, we’ll trampoline, finally through the roof, on to somewhere near and far in time” brings forth every wonderful children’s trope flying into my head–I think of things like “No Flying in the House” and “A Wrinkle in Time.”    The lyrics seem to be referring to some wonderful adventures, a sort of promise for the future.  I think that’s what is so different about this song, for once, the Pixies sound heartfelt of all things–“Oh velveteen!”

I love how he wants someone to ask him about his adventures with Velouria (is she a planet or a woman?  Nobody knows.)  And how his answers to this question, just by believing this is a question worth asking is “We will wade in the shine of the ever.”

And how, even in California, Velouria is here–he can see the tears.  But what I love is how the background voices are singing Velouria, but it sounds like Amen, making Velouria almost a sort of mystical Mary.

A beautiful song–that expresses the inexpressible.

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