5 Rules I Have to Remind Myself Of

23 Mar

1.  Take Breaks–When I’m at work, I forget to take breaks until I’m to the point where I’m so befuddled that I can hardly be trusted to tie a shoe much less get actual work done.  Breaks are necessary–they let me get more done in the long run, plus make it less likely that I will go to home a hollow out old shell.

2.  Don’t eat sugar at work–talk about a horrible afternoon slump.  Yuck.

3.  Yoga is my friend–it’s SO easy to cut out, but it relaxes me and lets out tension and I really like it.

4.  Give things time–I always want things done yesterday, but some of the best things take a bit of time to mature.  Let things breathe.

5.  Don’t compare–I am not other people.  There’s no reason for me to compare my stuff to their stuff–our paths are all different and who’s doing better will just lead to discontentedness.

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