Pop Culture Friday: Roxette, a Dirty Plastic Surgeon, and Back to Flying Monkeys (again.)

22 Mar

Pink, Learn to Love Again–Pink has had a much longer shelfl-life than I initially gave her credit for.  Not for lack of talent–I think she’s got gobs of it, but due to being too specific a style to be able to adapt to changing pop tastes.  Well color me wrong, because it’s 2013 and she’s got a hit.  My big thought about this song is “my god, did she listen to all of Roxette’s albums or something?” because this song is like a seance for 1990.  Even the video is completely early 90’s with the floating mattress, all the water, the man singing in the tv, the swimming–my god all the swimming!!!!  That being said, I’m glad the song isn’t drenched in early 90’s production (which sounded like music made in a microwave).  The production is simpler and classier here, putting emphasis on the voices.  A nice piece, if a little bit generic.

James Patterson, Alex Cross, Run–WTH?  A plastic surgery named Elijah Creem?  Drug fueled industry parties?  “Don’t think, Alex Cross?”  What is up with all the top-sellers being these cheesy crime novels.  I guess America really likes bad guys getting caught.  Anyway Alex Cross is genius psychologist crime fighter against Creem (what is up with that name?  Why is he named that?  It’s so weirdly sexual.)   I dunno, completely not my bag.  Oh well.

Oz the Great and Powerful–Well, this just makes me shrug.  I like the original Wizard of Oz well enough, but this seems to be just a knock off of Wicked.  Other than the 1939 movie every other Oz production just has problems of one sort or another, and this one is no different.  I like Sam Raimi, and I’m glad there’s some family fare that’s a little smarter than some idiot movie, but at the same time I really wanted them to be more interesting than this.  The problem with anything Oz related (even a lot of the original books) is that they end up just being tourist trips through a fantasy land that tries really really hard to be “magical.”    I like Raimi though, and I”m glad that he’s got a shot at something big budget though, so there’s that.

Ok America, so you’re in a nostalgic place I guess.  I can handle that, but please, control your books!  Elijah Creem?  REALLY?  That’s your idea of a good villain?

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