Movies From 2011 part 2

14 Feb

Ok, so I’m continuing my look at 2011 movies here, including the ones I watched.  I have to warn you, my watching habits are very eclectic, so there’s some big things I’ve missed, and some small things I’ve fallen in love with.  Here goes!

1.  Season of the Witch–UGH!  I’m so glad I missed this one.  What is wrong with Nicholas Cage lately?  I mean, will he just show up for anything or what?

2.  The Company Men–Is the sort of movie I feel like I should want to watch, but really I don’t.  Up in the Air follows the same sort of story and I just don’t see this one being better.

3.  Ka-Boom–I watched this.  Another movie about the end of the world, but before the others, so I can’t say it was bandwagoning. I liked it, even though it was like Greg Araki was setting it up in cool 90’s college rather than real life.  Very interesting, quite funny.

4.  Uncle Boonmee–This looks so out of the normal range of movie going experience I simply must watch it.  I might hate it but I must watch it.

5.  Jane Eyre–I watched this–a nearly perfect film adaptation of the book.  Not a popcorn movie, but an elegant little sonata that is so atmospherically rich that it will flavor your days for weeks.

6.  Bill Cunningham, New York–Because I like quirky little documentaries

7.   Win Win–I want to see this because it was the “Little Miss Sunshine” of the year, and just looked really solid.

8.  Potiche–I watched this.  What a fun French movie!  I like French movies when they’re light and fluffy like this one.

9.  Meek’s Cutoff-Because that movie looks so lovingly made.

10.  The Beaver–What were they thinking?  I don’t want to watch this, I just wondered if anyone involved here thought about this story.  Did they think it would do well?

11.  Bridesmaids–I watched this one, it was an average comedy.   I laughed a couple times but not very much.

12.  Midnight in Paris–I thought I’d never love Woody Allen again, but this movie, like champagne, so effortless and beautiful.  A perfect summer movie.

13.  The Tree of Life–Another movie that I might hate but must see simply because it tries for so much.

14.  The Trip–One of the few smart comedies I’ve seen in the past few years.

15.  Horrible Bosses-Ugh–not funny, SOOOOOO forced.  It’s like being tickled when you’re not ticklish.

16.  The Future–I loved this movie–a lot of people didn’t, but I thought it was fascinating.  I know a lot of people like this here in portland.

17.  The Hedgehog–I know it’s a kids movie, but it’s so sweet–it’s a good pick-me up on a dark day.


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