Pop Culture Friday: Bruno Mars is sad, Danielle Steele is funny, and Love Cures Zombies.

8 Feb

1.  Bruno Mars, When I was Your Man:  This is the second song of Mars that I’ve reviewed, and the more I hear him, the more I can’t help but hear him as a collection of influences with no real voice coming from it.  This song sounds like Billy Joel with a little Lionel Richie thrown in.  Those aren’t exactly terrible influences, and he brings them out with good grace, but do I think this song is really about how he feels, even if he somehow has some story about a breakup or something?  No.  He’s just sounding like other artists he likes.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but with a song that’s supposed to be emotional, it’s kind of like expressing your feelings by quoting lines from a movie, yeah, the idea of the emotion is there, but it loses a lot of its power at the same time.  The video has him making a “movie” and starts with hearing the film crew talking and whatnot, and then you get it shot in what looks like film, and he just sings in a place that looks a lot like the Hollywood bowl.  Oh and mad-men ratpack clothes and a whisky on the piano.  And some girl that just kind of appears once in a while and stands there.    *Shrug* I don’t see any reason for going crazy over it, but if someone insisted it was their favorite I would just let it be.  Doesn’t speak to me though.

2.  Danielle Steele, Until the End of Time–HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Sorry, I’m so happy she’s on this list in a way–Danielle Steele has always been the sort of writer that literary folk point at and say “This is why people should read Proust.”  I remember when I was younger one of my friends said you should always get a used Danielle Steele book and just let it fall open, then you’ll always find the dirty bits.    Anyway, I can say that Danielle Steele has given countless numbers of women joy, and I’m perfectly ok to have her be on the top list.  May she write 30 more books.  (And she probably will–next year!)

3.  Warm Bodies–That’s the top movie from last week–girl falls in love with zombie.  While it definitely looks like it’s kissing twilight, the movie has a lot more fun to it, and the characters are a lot less embarrassingly oversincere.  It’s cheesy, but pretty clever.

Ok America, you did a lot better this week.  We’re not up to Shakespeare yet, but after last weeks yucky showings, I at least am reminded why I love you so much, you crazy country you!


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