5 Things

31 Jan

1.  Fran Lebowitz–I can’t get enough of this woman!  From her suit-coated style, to her caustic barbs.  She is a writer, but she’s probably much more famous for her college tours, answering questions with her wit.  I love anybody who can talk like that.  Here’s a quote by her “he was audibly tan.”  See?

2.  Star Trek: The Next Generation–Oh my god, I have fallen into full fledged nerd-dom, but I LOVE Star Trek right now.    People having fast forward babies! Eighties hair in space!  Robots pretending they’re Sherlock Holmes!  Whoopi Goldberg!  What’s not to love?

3.  Seeing the trees on my way home from work every day.  Right now it’s just twilight on my way home, so these trees look like modernist sculptures, all hulking and twisted.  I think trees are much more interesting with their leaves off–some look menacing, some look shocked to be naked, some look tiny and nimble, some look surprisingly puny like wet cats.

4.  Liquorice pastilles–I don’t know they just fit winter.  Don’t ask me more than that.

5.  Agatha Christie–This is the season where I like things cozy and comfortable, and nobody like Agatha Christie to give that.  Her books have a pleasant sort of old fashionedness about them.

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