Pop Culture Friday–Justin Timberlake is too classy edition

25 Jan

1.  Justin Timberlake–Suit and Tie–Why does this song remind me so much of the early 90’s?  Probably because it is retroing back to the early ’90’s which in itself retroed back to the fifties and sixties.  Basically this is a neo white-soul song about dressing up.  The whole song is very breezy, the lyrics just kind of wander from one topic to the other, and it’s a harmless piece of pop.  It’s an incredibly forgettable piece of pop, other than trying to sound very sophisticated, the tune flies right out of my head right after the song is over.  I watched the video which also is all about sophistication and classic style–but I don’t necessarily mean it in the best sense.  I don’t mind it when people look back, it would just be nice if this was something a little more artistically brave, rather than a willful throwback.    I don’t know, it just sounds like a song that the kids from A Different World would be dancing to.

2.  Hopeless by Colleen Hoover–I tried looking up this book but the fans are absolutely insane.  It sounds like a sort of young adult 50 shades of grey.  Why I would want to read such a thing is beyond me, but then again I never really got into romance anyway (and really, these books are just romances on steroids.)  Keep in mind a huge amount of media is simply wish-fulfillment, and when you aren’t the audience whose wishes it’s trying to fulfill, it’s quite an odd thing.

3.   Mama–This is a very giallo looking movie, creepy kids, spectral avenging mother.  One thing I find odd is how horror movies seem to be stuck in 60’s era psychology, so the fears are all of parents, and of becoming more like an animal rather than the true things people fear nowadays.  Actually it’s also a throwback to Victorian fears, who felt like society was the one thing that kept us from eating each other’s faces off or something.  The funny thing is that the real trigger to people acting beastly is usually simple stress, the very kind that surrounds any life anywhere whether in the wilderness or in the city.  Amp the stress up and some people snap, calm it down and there’s a less likely chance of it.

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