Movies From 2011 Part 1

21 Jan

Ok, today I’m writing down a list of Movies from 2011 I’d like to watch.  Why 2011 and not 2012, you might ask?   Well, 2012 still has the smell of zeitgeist about it–the problem with zeitgeist is that it has a tendency to make movies that are prescient seem better than they are.  Everybody knows that the movies people watch at the time often lose their magic, while others that are left virtually ignored gain power over time.  2011 may yet be a little soon to get away from the zeitgeist smell, but it’s better than last year at any rate.  So here we go!

1.  Phil Ochs–But there for Fortune–Because I like documentaries about musicians.  This may or may not be all that good–after all, this is a legacy making movie essentially trying to prove that Ochs is still relevant, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

2.  The Time that Remains–Interesting French comedy about the Palestinian issue.  Cinematography looks interesting, and the humor looks gentle.

3.  A Somewhat Gentle Man–A Swedish comedy about a man getting out of prison (what is up with 2011 having comedies about grim topics, weird!).  Normally the gritty look would turn me off, but the word of mouth is promising on this one.

4.  Barney’s Version–Ok, so this looks a little bit sappy, but the acting looks good enough to carry it through.

5.  The Way Back–Because I like a good escape epic, and Ed Harris is always good.

6.  Dhobi Ghat–I can like Indian cinema when there’s a voice behind it.  I have no idea if this is good or not, but it looks interesting which is a good start.

7.  Biutiful–I have to wait until I’m ready to watch a painful movie, but it looks breathtaking.

8.  Putty Hill–Another painful movie about dehumanization, this will be on a thinky day.

9.  Public Speaking–Because I love Fran Liebowitz

10.  Of Gods and Men–a tragic poem about religion and tolerance.  A very serious watch that feels necessary.

11.  Heartbeats–because it’s so incredibly stylish.  I’m not expecting substance here.

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