Pop Culture Friday–Don’t you worry child edition.

18 Jan

1.  Swedish House Mafia–Don’t You Worry Child–This song made me wonder how many exercisers buy music because this song certainly is in the top 10 due to them.  The song is very treadmill, positive lyrics, repetitive music with a strong beat.  I’m not ragging on the song, it’s just that if Jock Jams was still a series, I know this song would have been on it in a heartbeat.    It also sounds extraordinarily nineties, the sort of spacey arpeggio music in the background and the drumbox speeding up and slowing down at specific places.  You’ve heard this sort of thing a thousand times before.  Granted, this isn’t music to sit and listen to, it’s meant to get you up and dance.  I guess it could do that.  It’s just a little bland for my tastes, that’s all.

2.  A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson–Now this book is surprisingly a big deal.  A Memory of Light is the final installment of the Wheel of Time series, started back in 1990.  To give you a little context this is the 14th book of that series, each of those books being about 1000 pages apiece, and might be one of the biggest literary epics this side of Balzac.  Also the series survived the death of its author several years ago, and is being co-written by Brandon Sanderson.  The Wheel of Time series is a fantasy epic, but unlike other series, the main goal of the books seem to be to show how big the world is they create, and a huge cast of thousands.  Frankly the series can be exhausting with all the detail and so many different sets of characters, but it’s so completely developed, like a magnificent city built layer upon layer one cannot help but marvel at it.  Note I say developed, which is not the same as original, The Wheel of Time probably has nearly every fantasy trope there is and starts a few of its own for good measure.

Also there was a huge backlash over the fact that the book was published in paper form and not made available on e-book.  I think that’s just silly.  I like e-books, but picking up a paper version is still just as fun.  Also because I work on a computer all day, I enjoy reading something that doesn’t plug in.  In fact I will feel a little wistful when books move from being a thing to a series of words on a computer.  (I don’t think this will happen to all of them, but I think this will happen to most paperback books and mass-marketed genre books.)

3.  News–The news has been featuring happy stories like crazy lately–Whether it be the kids who had the book of rules returned to them when they left it at a Walmart, or the woman from Portland who fell between two buildings and was stuck for hours in a 10 inch space and got out ok (if you saw the space you would be horrified, but it was nice that she came out with such a happy attitude),  and the inauguration.   I think 2012 was an extremely negative spin in the news cycle, and we can expect them to happy things up in the near future.  In fact, as long as the economy keeps growing even at a slow rate, and we are spared any major disasters, the tipping point is coming soon for public culture to turn a bit sunnier this time around.  The funny thing is that mood change will happen because it always does and not because something fundamentally changes at all.  Who was it who said nothing makes people happier than the idea of possibly getting what they want tomorrow?  Well you could plant a red white and blue flag on that one because Americans are more driven by tomorrow than today.

4.  Oh yeah, and Lance Armstrong=awful person.  Only OJ Simpson has fallen further and harder than this (and yes, I think Armstrong is currently beating out Tiger Woods in dislikability.)

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