Star Trek, The Next Generation Review, When The Bough Breaks

17 Jan

So I’ve been getting my nerd on with watching Star Trek as my during the week comfort food show.  I am really getting into its unintentional strangeness, while I really love Doctor Who, Star Trek TNG is delightfully loopy at times, and when I lower my expectations it can entertain as much as the cheesiest of movies.

So the basic plot is that the Enterprise has found the legendary planet Aldea.  When Tasha Yar asks what Aldea is, Riker practically throws up at her ignorance.  Apparently Aldea is (supposedly) a paradise planet where the people there live in a golden age.  Unfortunately the Aldeans are unable to bear children so they steal a handful of the Enterprise’s children including, of course, Wesley (who’s much older than any of the other children but no matter.)  The Aldeans follow all the rules of their computer.  Dr. Crusher finds out that it’s radiation poisoning that’s causing their issues, in the meantime the Captain sends an away team to get the kids back, the Aldeans learn their lesson and let the kids go.  The end.

I hurried through the synopses because it really doesn’t matter.  This is the children’s episode!  Where really weird children in eighties jumpsuits hang out with creepy elderly couples learning art.   Things to notice:

1.  The father and son fighting about calculus in the halls of Enterprise.  Later the father saying “the last thing I did was yell at him” and the same kid being primarily interested in NOT doing calculus and asking his new “family” if he has to do it.  (Of course not).  He rewards them with an awful dolphin sculpture, the kind you can get in some beach tourist shop in Miami.

2.  For Aldea having such a big reputation of being paradise it sure is planet of the old people.  The decorations are bland, the people all seem a little befuddled, they don’t eat much–it’s more like a big nursing home.  I’m sure it’s unbelievably hot too.

3.  What the heck is that little girl playing with?  It’s like a giant dustbunny with an eyeball hanging from it.  Did she just pull it out of a terrarium?   It looks like something my cat coughed up.

4.  Dr. Crusher mentions the Ozone layer a billion times–if this is so far into the future why does she constantly go back to earth circa 1988?  Is that like the only year she has files or something?  Also Wesley and his Gandhi lesson to the children.  It didn’t really help much, I mean the old people on that planet seem hardly concerned about children who sit quietly and entertain themselves.  I’m surprised that didn’t seal the deal.

5.  The weirdly creepy scene with the old musician and the little girl.  Pull the music from inside you—EWWWWWW.

6.  Wesley is so completely unsubtle scanning of the old lady as he and his mother have a “conversation” is really funny.  They both talk like their brains are just going SAY SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING and they aren’t paying that much attention to what it is.

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