TV Review: The Whitest Kids You Know

12 Jan

I have a love-hate relationship with sketch shows.  Sometimes they take risks and show some really funny material by taking advantage of not having to sit in a certain template.  Other times they get really obnoxious with their ingratiating fishing for larfs.  The Whitest Kids You Know is a little bit of both.

The biggest difference between this sketch show and others is that the sketches here tend to be a bit longer, so they stretch for 10-15 minutes rather than the normal 3-5, which is interesting considering that in this youtube era I would think the former might perform better.    There’s a definite flavor difference between the Zeitgeist hunting of SNL, or the wacky-character based skits that many other sketch shows tend to go for.  The biggest thing they remind me of is Kids in the Hall, where they have characters acting normally under increasingly bizarre circumstances.  Sometimes this is funny, and sometimes this is not.

The most tedious series of sketches that they have are the Civil War on Drugs, sending up Ken Burns while mixing in some pot humor to boot.  It might be a good idea for 3 minutes, but for 10 minute episodes that go on and on, it gets pretty tiresome pretty fast.  As for the rest, it’s pretty hit and miss, the baked beans commercials are pretty funny, as well as a sketch where a woman on a date internally wishes her date would avoid the dog poop on the menu.  All in all, it’s funny in places, but I don’t see it being particularly inspired or clever at any point.  A good show to watch if you want something somewhat funny that won’t challenge you in any way, I suppose.

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