Pop Culture Friday–Proof that Ladies run the World Edition

4 Jan

Hello and happy first Friday of the New Year!  I’m covering the pop culture things for the week.

1.  Justin Bieber, Beauty and a Beat:  Oh Lord.  I don’t really want to write about Justin Bieber because it seems required of me to absolutely hate him or to absolutely love him, and I really feel neither way about him at all. I’m obviously not in his marketing demographic, but at the same time there have been incredibly annoying teen idols in the past and in that group I find him relatively innocuous.  The problem is the Bieber lovers and the Bieber lovers come out like bats out of hell as soon as anybody says anything about him at all.  In the end, this song is pleasantly forgettable, I guess.  It doesn’t really have a tune and is really incredibly processed.  The weird thing is that I think teen idols sing things that teenage girls would like to hear their boyfriends say.  The video is a big dance party at a waterpark that is “found footage” that was illegally uploaded.   I don’t know why they couched this video like this, because it’s obviously not illegally uploaded material, and also it seems unnecessarily trying to have this video have something to do with illegal uploading (which it doesn’t).   The weird thing is that Justin Bieber here reminds me the most of the 80’s singer Tiffany–you know the girl who went on a mall tour?  I know that Bieber is way more successful and has way more girls in bikinis (though notice he doesn’t touch any of them), but it’s the same sort of purposely silly, and sometimes lame, humor, and these giant, extremely literal, extremely planned videos that leave me not knowing what to feel about them.  I mean, I’m glad that Justin had a fun looking fake party in a waterpark, and he sure owns a lot of phones…and that’s about it.

2.  Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven:  So we move from a guy who says things that teenage girls want to hear, to a man who says things that 35 year old single women want to hear.  I’m half-kidding here.  Wow, but I’m also not a member of this demographic.  I don’t much care for Sparks, but I can understand it if people really like him.  In general, I find his stuff so full of gooey sentiment that it goes down like treacle.  Also, he’s a (very slightly) more refined version of the harlequin books without the bodice ripping and some plot point that is calculated to have some character or other suffer incredible loss.   This book seems to be the same, based on a sort of Sleeping with the Enemy riff.  Why are some people nuts about the doomed love thing?  I dunno, maybe because it both has the feelings those readers long for, while also making it impossible, sorta why the geekiest kids inevitably love super heroes too much.

3.  Youtube video of the week–barelypolitical–actually not political at all.  Same sort of melange of Saturday Night life style sketches that range in interest from barely diverting to mildly funny.  In other words what office workers watch like crack when they’re supposed to be working.

4.  Going Postal–Just letting you guys know that Going Postal is so much better than I thought it would be.  I guess maybe Terry Pratchett is my Nicholas Sparks.  *SIGH*

Until next week!

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