5 things

30 Dec

You know what’s funny?  The amount of year end lists we all get around this time of year, as if the year was already digested and we’re ready to run into another one.  In a month all of those lists (or most of them) will be completely forgotten.  In reality, we won’t know what was important this year versus not until about 2017.  Why?  Because things emerge, important events that happened in this year haven’t even bloomed yet, we’re just looking at the fruits of 2007 here.    So here’s what I’m into this year’s end.

1.  Early 90’s house music, particularly ones that use the piano.  I’m thinking of things like Snap! and Black Box.  There’s such a big positive surge of energy in them that sounds refreshing.

2  Tangerines.  Nothing to beat the winter blues than these little balls of California sunshine.

3.  The weird world of 4H art.  I don’t know what it is with those people and gods-eyes and horses painted on chunks of wood, but I’m really enjoying the rough-hewn stuff they have there.

4.  Flourish–By Seligman–A book that (for me) kind of makes me argue with myself.  I think that Seligman has a very interesting view on happiness and well-being, however, I’m not sure I agree with all his tenants.    That being said, I’m reserving my judgement until I’ve completely read this, I can say for sure that this is bringing me new ideas.

5.  The Art 21 blog.  What a lovely place!  All those ideas and talking about art!    Hoo-ray!


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