Pop Culture Friday, Not Ready for Christmas edition.

30 Nov

Hello!  It’s time for Pop Culture Friday!

1.  Cassadee Pope “Over You”–Well the third greatest downloaded song of the week (first is Gangham Style which I will not review because it’s been talked about so much, second is Diamonds which I’ve already reviewed) comes from a Voice performance, which really tells me how popular the show has become despite all the talk about “The X-factor” on things like Yahoo.  (Why do I even bother looking at yahoo?  I don’t know–it’s really just a corporate ad machine–note to self, find a new site to troll when I want random news.)   Anyway, this song is one of those tracks that’s so popular because of the story behind it, more than the song itself.   The song is perfectly ok, I guess, in and of itself–a generic mourning song, but one which I think seems heartfelt for all that.  But the story is that Blake Sheldon wrote this song about his brother who died when he was 14, and he never performed it, but gave it to his wife to perform, which did very well, and now with Cassadee Pope, he’s watching over the song that was too much for him to perform for himself.  The story is kind of big and sappy, but I suppose there’s worse things for people to go for.  My only issue is that this is all taking place on the voice, so I find the teary eyed looking of Blake Sheldon nice but at the same time, maybe just wondering a smidge, if this isn’t all just being played up a little.  Also Cassadee Pope isn’t exactly completely NEW to the music business (she had a somewhat successful band before going on this show) so though it’s nice that she’s performing, she’s not the music newbie that I kind of wished she was.  Also, though I find The Voice to be the least irritating of the talent shows, it’s still a big can of cheese in the end, slightly buffered by musicians and not producers being the judges.

2.  Janet Evanovich, Notorious Nineteen–(Number 1 bestselling books)  Ok, so I don’t know where to start…first, when did we ever need 19 books in a series?  Do you know how many thousands of pages there are in that?  Granted these are paperbacks, and maybe they’re only like 150 pages apiece, but still, that’s practically writing a Bible about something.    Ok, and these stories are about an ex-lingerie buyer who becomes an  bounty hunter?   There’s two things about these books that strike me at looking at them though–the main character is clearly supposed to be a me-too! character–she eats lots of cheetos!  She’s been embarrassed!  The thing is, this writer’s trick is the same for horoscopes and fortune tellers–they take something that is very general, maybe even universal, and make it seem specific so that you feel like the character is talking about you.  Particularly when a writer has a very specific audience that they know well (like I’m sure Evanovich does) they can do it very well.  Second, why do these books remind me of cheesy eighties soap-operas and detective stories?    You know the kind of dialogue that goes on in those things,  and how for whatever reason if someone spills some coffee on their shirt it is hiLARious to everyone else there.  Eh, I don’t want to be a hater–there’s room in this world for light reading, heaven knows, I work in a hospital, and that sure ain’t the place to read War and Peace.

3.  American Horror Story–Now THIS Is a place to go, if you like scary and interesting.  I’m halfway through the first season, and I can tell you either it will be your sort of thing or not, but either way, they have made an absolute runaway train of a show.  SO. MUCH. HAPPENS.  I mean at one point I was sitting there after the rubber man and the beast in the cellar and the nurse fainting at the ultrasound and the burned man screaming for money–I was sitting thinking how much more can possibly happen?  I can’t give this full marks yet as I haven’t finished the season, and I’ll be disappointed if they don’t close as well as it has started, but even so.

4.  Stephen Sondheim music–because I’m not ready for Christmas carols yet.

5.  Spanish Youtube videos—also because I’m not ready for Christmas carols yet.

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