Pop Culture Friday! “C is for Curious and O is for Oh My God”

16 Nov

1.  Guy Fieri–the big web thing that I found interesting is the New York times review of Guy Fieri’s restaurant off times square as well as all of the responses to that review.  Was the review snarky?  Yes!  Did the restaurant deserve it?  Probably.  It bothers me when these discussions come down to class or snobbishness and things like that, because it’s really not.  I’ve looked at the menu and it really looks like an expensive Applebees.  It’s one thing to get mediocre food when you’re really not paying that much, it’s another to get it when you’re paying more.  I have nothing against simple food (actually I prefer it) but really this restaurant is a cash-in for tourists and little more than that.  Also, if I’m in New York, I am not going to eat at a place where I’m basically getting jazzed up versions of suburban food.  It really sounds like that place is more of a company than a restaurant.

2.  Rihanna “Diamonds”–Ok, so the top song on billboard is One More Night again (why?  Don’t ask me), so I went for the number 2, Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”  One thing about Rihanna is that she somehow makes the most inane stuff seem interesting.  The lyrics say almost nothing, just expressing that we’re like diamonds in the sky and random words like ecstasy and shine and whatnot–really meaningless generic vaguely positive words.  The tune has like three notes, and the song is more constructed than written, with layers of voices layered on top of each other like layers on a burger.  The video is beautifully shot but strange–with her floating, her smoking a cigar filled with diamonds, garbage going through sesame street, people walking around on fire, Rihanna running down a street seemingly chased by a car, and stallions.  Oh, and I don’t know why, but Rihanna REALLY loves standing in the desert and waving her arms around emotionally.  The weird thing is that Rihanna has an interesting enough presence to make the whole thing seem entertaining–there’s a certain type of performer who has this ability to bring character to things, and I can’t explain it in any measurable way.  She’s one you’d notice in  a crowd, not because she’s beautiful (though she certainly is) but because she draws the eye to her, you watch her to see what she does–like Elizabeth Taylor.  Now I don’t pay attention to her not-so-private life, so I don’t really sign up for the whole Rihanna experience, but at least for this song, I kinda dig her.

3.  Torchwood, Miracle Day–I’ve been watching Miracle day lately–a little more than half-way through, and it’s good—but.  That’s my review.  What’s the but?  Well, it’s not quite as sharp as Children of Earth.  It has a lot of action of no consequence, and not very good story building.  There’s many moments where I felt like the story practically dislodged a hip to get to some cool shot or something.  At the same time I don’t want to be too hard on it.  It’s totally worth watching, I just wanted it to be smarter, tighter, faster, better, more, ok?

4.  Uriel Yekutiel–LOVING HIM!  Oh his gender games he plays–so bold, and talk about someone you’d notice in a crowd!  I can’t explain him other than he is an embodiment of self-defined beauty.   Anybody who can make their own thing and just go with it gets a style crush from me!   TEN MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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