Pop Culture Friday!!!!

9 Nov

1.  The election–this is much more than pop culture, but the election was THE big news this week, and all I have to say about it is that I’m happy with the results in general, and also I’m SUPER glad we won’t have any more ads.

2.  Top Forty–This week’s number one is One More Night by Maroon 5.  I listened to it, and I find it bland but pleasant enough I guess.  It reminds me of a song that would be on in some waiting room somewhere, or in a Burger King.  The song has like three notes in it, and is very plastic seeming.  It seems to be about a guy who doesn’t like who he’s with but is still attracted to her so he wants One More Night.  I’m sure if he said this to a girl in these words she’d be all like HELL YEAH!  (Yeah right.)  Also in the back is some pseudo reggae (sort of like if your synthesizer had a reggae button on it.)  The video is just as bland, but very curious because it doesn’t seem to go with the song.  In it a couple are having breakfast, the man mooning over their baby.  It’s clear that he’s a good father.  Then he goes boxing.  Then the woman takes everything and leaves.  Then he shows up at home which has been stripped of everything.  What this has to do with the song is beyond me.  The weird things are–the woman takes EVERYTHING, the shelves off the walls, just about all the furniture, the books off the shelves, EVERYTHING, I mean, it’s one thing to secretly leave, but it’s another thing to do a full fledged move in one evening.  She even takes one fish out of two in the bowl–BURN!!!!   Also there’s no indication of why she’s leaving.  Because of boxing?  Because of attention?  Who knows!  In the end I get the impression that the bland video was just a collection of familiar storylines and no real effort was made to join it to the bland song.  If wonderbread was music this would be it.

3.  Nurse Jackie–OMG–I just got around to watching this, and I don’t know why I waited so long.  IT’S WONDERFUL!!!!!!  It’s very much like working in a hospital too.  I really dig the storytelling here, it’s not itching to have everything cliffhang in every episode.  Sometimes I just want to have a show where I watch characters interact and do stuff, and it’s perfect.

4.  Towerbloxx–Addicting tetris building game.  I don’t know why I got sucked into it, but that’s where I am.

5.  Sherlock–the British version.  Only two seasons, and in each season only three episodes (ok, maybe more like mini-movies), but they’re so good.  Keep in mind, I’ve always been someone who’s found Sherlock Holmes just a mite fusty, I’m not trying to diss Arthur Conand Doyle or anything, it’s just that the whole deerstalker cap and magnifying glass thing has been done to death, and the last thing I needed was a bunch of walrusy victorians mumbling at each other for hours on end.  This new Sherlock is NOTHING like that, in fact this show should be placed in the dictionary under “breath of fresh air.”  The show is damned smart, and the biggest rarity in television–a show that holds up to scrutiny.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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