Richard Scarry! Birthday gifts! And more of Pewterbreaths things.

5 Nov

Hello Guys and Gals!  Today I’m going to make a list for your edification.

1.  SMOSH!–I really dig these guys, I’ve been watching their videos nearly constantly lately and really, they make me laugh like crazy.   Their humor is really wacky and not exactly the most highbrow stuff on the planet, but what did you expect, ballet with fifi?  Go watch it now! 

2. Outsider wierdness–today the whole outsider vs. insider thing popped up at an otherwise happy day at work.  God I hate that stuff.  If there’s an inner circle I don’t want to be any part of it, but being in a place that feels less than transparent gives me the heebie jeebies.

3.  Sherlock!  Don’t bother with the American version, watch the original.  Sherlock is Steven Moffat’s baby, and everything that he does so wonderfully in Doctor Who he does here!  There’s not many episodes, but each episode is basically a tv movie so you get your money’s worth here for sure.

4.  SKIN–Ugh my skin has this monster eczema lately–I don’t know if it’s because the weather’s been damp but warmish here in Portland, the change of seasons, or what.  At least in the last few days I have moved from having the skin of a meth addict, to the skin of a recovering meth addict.  The worst thing is that the majority of my ugly scabbiness is on my face–BLEK.

5.  Game coma–because of my skin and the general weather I’ve been spending most of my time at home, so did I do anything productive?  Nope!  This weekend I got sucked into the most shallow silly online games I could find.  There was a part of my brain that only wanted to play tower bloxx, did not want to read, did not want to watch anything, did not want to exercise, only TOWER BLOXX dammit!  By the end of the weekend I was redeyed and feeling grosser than ever, and finally did some yoga and made some art.

6.  Nature sounds–I know these are probably recordings of somebody’s toilet running, but they relax me.

7.  Richard Scarry–To complete my wandering into childhood, I’ve been liking the Busytown Richard Scarry art.  Look there’s a pickle car!  There’s an elephant cop!  There’s a worm man!  I don’t think people appreciate him enough.

8.  Pizza Macaroni and Cheese–doesn’t taste good.  Don’t be tempted!

9.  Birthday present–for my sister.  Good grief she’s hard to shop for.  Should I get her fancy soaps?  Girly stuff?  A book?  I simply don’t know.  You know in general being an avid collector of something is not exactly a huge accomplishment, but it sure makes it easy to buy someone a gift.  I should get her into Precious Moments figurines, they’re cheap enough.

10.  No Moon by Nancy Eimers–Yep a book of poetry.  This one is one of those scary books that I can only look into for a little bit before looking away–her feelings are so raw and real, so much like mine, the recognition is pretty terrifying honestly.  Ever read a book that was full of things you felt but you didn’t have words for yet?  Well here you go.  However, it’s not always a NICE journey if you know what I mean.

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