20 Oct

Ok, so last night, being a very rainy Friday, I stayed in and watched Xanadu with my boyfriend and let me tell you that movie is as enjoyably bad as that pink whipped cream goop they serve nationwide on Thanksgiving. It’s hard for me to explain why it’s so enjoyable. It has absolutely no tension. The humor is entirely unintentional. The thing is as dated as a betamax. However, the movie is so eager to please, even when it falls on its face (and it does this often) it’s hard not to get into it.
Bad though it undeniably is. Xanadu is probably the biggest budget enjoyable bad movie made ever. Olivia Newton-John rollerskating with rainbow stripes following her wherever she goes! Gene Kelly absolutely laying on the cheese! Horrible outfits! A cast of background characters that dress like the girl in 6th grade who desperately wants to be popular! Extended dance numbers for no reason!

Let me tell you, watch it! Watch it now! Turn off your brain because thinking will not enhance this experience and just eat up the cheese!

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