18 Oct

Ahhhh, lately I’ve been not wanting to do much, after that long trip. I’ve been wanting to waste oodles of time, to not be productive, to not do anything.

I could waste days just looking at things I don’t care about on the television, to argue about bands, to wander through my house putting things in different places, fingering through books without reading them, I could make a full profession of doing nothing.

My big question is what do I want to do about it? Do I want to do the nothing, to let things just play themselves out? Or do I want to fight the nothing, to attempt to bring something around it? Can I pull myself out of this state of inertia? Is it worth it to do so? How can I measure the worth?

Questions, tons of questions. What I’m going to do, is to do the first things that come to mind, and do them one at a time, without too much thought. We’ll see how this works out.

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