17 Oct

Well I have just come from vacation, and have spent interminable time in airports, and for the world I suggest ways to make airports better.

1. Plenty of comfortable seating–I don’t know how many times I was wandering around due to lack of a place to sit. People in airports need to not only sit, but sit comfortably in between flights. These seats need to be not only at gates but nearly everywhere. Oh, and by the way, in the gates, the seating needs to be facing the gate counters so that everybody can see what’s going on.

2. Clocks–What on earth has happened to clocks? You’d think that the one thing airports would have would be clocks everywhere, synced to the time their landings and takeoffs happen on. Yes, I have my cellphone to check for the time, and I suppose I could have worn a watch, but still, as I’m wandering around an airport I need to be able to keep tabs on the time pretty specifically.

3. Current landing and takeoff information for all flights near each gate. This might seem excessive, but at the same time, running out of a flight trying to catch another one, that stuff is crucial. I shouldn’t have to hunt for information.

4. Marked areas for the carts to drive on, rather than speeding through crowds of people.

5. Softer lighting, what an eyestrain!

6. A large waiting area just outside security. With the new scanning equipment, the waiting areas in airports has been eaten up.

7. Clear instructions for security at the lineup. I think people want to comply, but I’ve been behind some folks that don’t realize they have to take off their shoes (yes, even now) and honestly, it would be simpler for everybody if the instructions were written out for people to read as they go in line.

8. Standardized tickets. Much quicker for everybody too if every bit of information was in the same place on every ticket every time.

The things I was happy about is that there’s more places for coffee and food beyond the gates, and I didn’t notice that the prices were extraordinarily inflated (a little bit yes, but these are mall food-court prices, and not clutch at your heart prices). Security actually wasn’t that bad to go through, and they’ve gotten a lot better at having some customer service abilities, and actually I saw very little grumpy flier syndrome on this trip, sure people were tired, but mostly everybody was well behaved and tolerant of each other.

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