22 Sep

The hardest question to answer about anything is “why?” I know you want to know why don’t you—ARGH THE IRONY!

Actually why is easy to answer if it’s something that you thought out. Like why did you get the car you have? Well, when you bought a car, you probably did a bunch of thinking and there’s reasoning there. The problem is there’s a whole host of things that people do that aren’t thought out. We figure stuff out by trying things and sooner or later we come up with something that seems to work, but we didn’t think about it. Or other times the answer to why is because there has to be a way to do things and we just picked one. Sometimes there is no why.

I can’t help think of the parent/teenager thing where the parent asks the teenager why they did some action, and the kid of course can’t answer that question because they just sort of went with it.

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