19 Sep

I have many people who want to help me out. That is a blessing for me. It means that many people care, and caring is always wonderful.

However, many of these people want to help me out how they would fix things. They want to get me to live my life in a way where they would be happy if they were me. Still very nice, but I have trouble saying no to these well wishers, their motives are pure, but I’m like the three year old who wants to do it himself even when that means making a mistake now and then.

Sometimes explaining what I want is tough. We are programmed to see problems like algebraic equations. So if I want C all I have to do is A and B and then I’m there. That’s great for simple goals, but for larger aims that’s too reductive.

What if I don’t want a C at all? What if I want an orange sparkly blob? Well, it’s tempting to take that blob and reduce it to a C but it’s not the same thing after all. How to deal with these right-brained wants? Force them into the left-brain? Just wish and wait? Make plans and plans of plans? Go out and do stuff until things stick? I’m not sure.

I know I need to try things. That’s where I’ll start.

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