TV Shows

16 Sep

Ahhhh television, we all have it as part of our histories–even the lack of it would be culturally significant. Here are some television memories as a child.

When I was very little, on the news was a report on the first artificial heart, and how it worked. I ran into my mother and told her that nobody would ever have to die again, because they have this new heart. To me, death was the heart stopping, nothing else.

A lot of the shows I watched were in the early afternoons in syndication. I loved The Facts of Life and Laverne and Shirley. Partially because I mostly understood them as they were about friendship rather than romantic relationships (mainly) and also because they had funny characters and lots of physical comedy.

One thing I didn’t like was soap operas. To me they were all talk talk talk and nothing ever happened.

Saturday morning cartoons=big event. I would pore over the tv listings and pick very carefully each cartoon to watch. I liked He-man and GI Joe the best.

Of course Sesame Street was a big part of it too. This was before Elmo basically ate the show.

My family would watch The Cosby Show every Thursday night. Lately I’ve seen a lot of scorn heaped upon this show, but I don’t see what was so bad about it. Sure, they weren’t normally dealing with weighty issues, but they were a fun family and I thought that Denise was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I also liked Alf, but now not so much.

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