11 Sep

1. A coworker is quitting. Quite shocked really, no idea this one was coming! I’m happy for her, she really wasn’t happy there, but at the same time I’m kind of wide-eyed and numb. All day my brain just kept going “She’s quitting.” “Oh.”
2. Having a class DEEP in the bowels of the hospital. We were passing old dot-matrix printers and empty glass jars on our way to this room. It was WEIRD.
3. My boss wandering in, all proud of her pants. I find her amusing and cute in those moments.
4. …..wow…..jeez, she’s really quitting. Of course my brain jumps to “I wonder what’s REALLY going on” which isn’t a very productive question, because maybe nothing’s really going on, and if something IS going on then I would certainly sense it.
5. The song lonely girl is going on and on in my head, with that man who has the RIDICULOUS high voice going “hey there lonely girl…” SHEEZ.

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