3 Sep

Ah books! Ever since I was little, books were my closest confidantes and best friends. I love reading! Also, as much as I tried to get into kindle, I’m afraid I’m a bit of an old curmudgeon with the solid paper book. Partially because I’m a book flipper and the kindle does not really work very well for that, and partially because I tend to write things in my books (yes I know kindle has ways of doing that too, but it’s not the same.) I use my kindle for lighter things, books that I read just for entertainment, but for books that are larger than that (like Faulkner) it simply does not compare.
Perhaps in 20 years I’ll have a different take on it though, I can certainly say that the Kindle is less wasteful–I mean having a bunch of data certainly doesn’t cut down trees as a book is want to do, and for all the paperbacks that I read, the kindle is a lifesaver. Also planes, where I’m not liable to do my deepest reading, the kindle works best there too.

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