Ordinary Days

29 Aug

Today just sailed by without a trace. It’s one of those days that I wish I had a little something special in it–like a box all filled with the packing materials but I haven’t found the gift yet. Granted not every day can be spectacular special day–I need some days to be ordinary to make others special I guess.

I wonder at all the stories in the world, how they’re mostly filled with achieving things or losing things. What about the days where very little is achieved or lost? Kurt Vonnegut once had a speech about how our stories don’t prepare us for the ordinary. How the expectations of miracles at every turn cheapen a good solid ordinary day.

And what’s wrong with ordinary days anyway? My fourth grade teacher once said that the ordinary days will be the ones that we remember best. I don’t think that’s all the way true–memories have a way of clustering around events rather than nothingness. Maybe what she meant is that ordinary days are what we would remember with the greatest fondness.

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