I am glad

21 Aug

1. I am glad that it’s late August and the weather is so mild and pretty.
2. I am glad that my office mostly gets along.
3. I am glad I am employed.
4. I am glad all my family is healthy and well.
5. I am glad that Emily came up to visit.
6. I am glad that I get to go to New York in the fall.
7. I am glad that people seem fascinated by the Mars probe and got excited about the Olympics.
8. I am glad for my partner, who is wonderful.
9. I am glad for big fat books to read.
10. I am glad that I am healthy.
11. I am glad for lasagna today.
12. I am glad for creativity and making art.
13. I am glad for the possibilities to learn and find out new things.
14. I am glad I am in Oregon.
15. I am glad to be safe.
16. I am glad it’s peak vegetable season. So delicious!
17. I am glad for dreams.
18. I am glad for meditation.
19. I am glad for yoga.
20. I am glad for candles.

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