20 Aug

I have lately been fascinated by Confucius, mostly because he’s one of the wise old sages whose sayings are completely relevant today. Not only did he come up with the golden rule centuries before Jesus, but the rest of his statements mostly rest on very sound sense. He is not a mystic, fundamentally being unconcerned about the hereafter, but is more concerned about practical order in today’s world. He’s well worth listening to.

Unfortunately, in popular culture his wisdom has been denigrated into pithy fortune-cookie sayings that really don’t do him justice. He believed in stability, taking care of the old, infirm, and the very young, in constant study, in cautiousness, simplicity, and sincerity. Most importantly he believed that the world that we have inherited is not written in stone, that even just one individual acting out of reflective intelligence will infect the rest with a sort of better way.

And here has my favorite quote, which is just gorgeous in its simplicity:

“Only after Winter comes do we know that the pine and the cypress are the last to fade.”

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