The heatwave breaks

18 Aug

Today, with the heatwave finally over, I stepped into the day like a comfortable pair of pants and tromped around in it. No goals really, just living and seeing the world in a tolerable light.

I went to Powells where apparently many other people had the same idea because it was the most crowded I have ever seen it. Crowded with people not used to living in cities. I have this theory that people in the suburbs become so used to having space around them that being in crowded spaces instinctively stresses them out. I could see it on their faces, moms standing in the middle of aisles with visible irritation at passers by, muscles all tensed up and twitchy like a thoroughbred horse.

I don’t blame them for being stressed out, though I felt a little sad for them. How lonely it must be to need so much space, how stressful it must be that simple proximity with another human being, stranger or not, would bring out such a fearful reaction.

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