16 Aug

I do not like the word “goals.” I do not like the task of setting and making goals. I do not like achieving.

Wow, I feel like I just lit an American flag on fire.

Seriously, goals make me think of offices and charts and lists and tasks. It makes me think of being managed which I really dislike, and only do when I have to. I am no rebel. I am not shouting out rules suck and think there should be no order.

In an office environment, for one thing, goals are really a synonym for rules, or to explain a little more, goals are the entryway to make many rules that proliferate more than if there were a simple set of rules.

Second, in an office environment, what do you get when you reach a goal? More goals! Then the old goal becomes an expectation. Not exactly a booming reward.

Rather than goals, I believe in order. Maybe it’s just another word for the same thing, but order brings up nice things like flow, harmony, calm, enjoyment, relaxation. An orderly room is a wonderful place to be in; a goal filled room is not. I like to think of my day, at its best, as a time where everything has a place, and simplicity wins out. In general, the more ordered things are, the greater my enjoyment.

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