Touring My Own City

13 Aug

Last week, my friend lil Em’ly came up from the south to see what Portland was like.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the whole wandering around and just seeing things, and it helped that I had such a grand person to pilot from place to place.  We went from brunch places to divey bars to the worst comedy the world had ever seen to the kooky shops and cafes of Hawthorne and Bellmont to a row of tiny tents from horizon to horizon in the Alberta Arts district, to the square professionalism of downtown.

And the thing was, every person, every single person, everyone, was kind and respectful and joyful.  From the homeless all the way up to the wealthy brunchers everybody was smiling and cheerful and ready for fun.  

These days I love Portland, remembering all the joyless places I’ve lived in the past, I love Portland’s foolish optimism, Portland’s love of homemade things, the people walking down the streets in their handmade dresses.  Ignore the hipsters–these kind people are the heart of this city.

May they always be here.

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