1 Aug

I sometimes wonder if there will never be enough work for everybody. I mean, we already produce more than enough of the necessities for western civilization for everybody to survive, and we produce plenty of non-essentials as well. This is (I have to emphasize) a good thing in itself. Consider the millienia where humans had to eke out an existence, whether by hunting/gathering or even subsistence farming. We have lives with levels of free-time and relative safety that they would have never dreamt possible.

However, will society progress to the point that we have more than enough hands to meet all our needs and non-needs? What to do then? The possibilities are endless. If we took every unemployed/underemployed person and set them to figure out the mysteries of the universe, the essential human problems, the great mysteries, how far we could come. I don’t deny that this is incredibly idealistic, and probably will never happen, but still, what a greater, stronger world it would be for it.

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