Yarn Freewrite

18 Jul

String, knots, wound from nailhead to nailhead, all posted in a block of wood.  A totem to the disorganization in all of us.  It looks like those puzzles in kids books that look like wound up poles, everything moving from point a to point b and back again.  

Cats like yarn, and can make a mess of it.  The cleanness of a pair of knitting needles.  The clang they make when struck together.  A basket of wool.  Lambs.  Sheep.  Through the Looking glass.

Yarn sitting in balls like fruit in a basket.  The knot necklaces my sister and I would make out of bits of yarn, until the knots tied around themselves and collapsed.

Images.  Pictures.  The drawings of things.  This is a thing and that is a thing and the world is full of things.  Items to be picked up and used.  People brought down by things.  Swimmers weighted down by the stuff they accumulate and hold onto.

A piece of yarn from my finger to yours.  Messages transmit there.  Telegraphed.  Thoughts and feelings and random happenings, and yes we are blessed yes we are blessed yes we are blessed

Let things move freely.

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