17 Jul

Lately I’ve been full of inertia. Maybe it’s been the heat. Maybe it’s that I’ve just been tired. Maybe it’s just the way the cards are turning. I dunno, but I haven’t felt like doing anything at all. Really, I could spend a whole day just staring out the window quite happily. So I’m going to make a list of inertia breakers, and see what comes up!

1. Freewrite
2. Let the inertia take me, I can’t stay shut down forever.
3. Clean, clean everything.
4. Read (I really haven’t read much lately.)
5. Watch a fun little documentary.
6. Sleep–maybe I’m just overtired.
7. Meditate/do yoga.
8. Just make something, anything, it can be bad
9. Visit a new place.
10. Listen to fun music.

Well, I’ll try some of these things and let you know how it goes.

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