16 Jul

One word I don’t like is “unacceptable.”   Keep in mind I’m not some rebel that minds if some things are against the rules, or unwise, or inappropriate, those words are fine.  Unacceptable is a word that implies that someone is being very judgmental while trying to sound official.  In a way it’s a power play.  

The problem with unacceptable is if I think about it, I come to the question who cannot accept this action and why?  Sometimes there’s many good reasons, but I still wish they’d use a different word.  Yes, giving children grenades for Christmas is unacceptable, but it’s better described as dangerous.  Swearing in a place of worship some people find unacceptable, but I’d say offensive would be a better way of putting it.  

Maybe I dislike how unacceptable goes into hyperbole–most people use it saying something like higher taxes would be unacceptable, when in reality, they’d be unpopular, and definitely unpleasant, but if taxes were raised, people would accept it, perhaps with some grumbling.  (I’m not advocating raising taxes, I’m just using this as an example.)

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