Summer Camp

10 Jul

I think there should be summer camp for adults.  I don’t mean a “retreat” or a “seminar” or a getaway or all the things adults do instead of going to camp.  I think there should be 5 days in some cabin with people you don’t know that well, crafts and archery and baseball and band and canoeing.  Singalongs of course and campfires and all the things that go with camp.  

The summer camp I went to as a child, I still remember the cabins, where on the top bunk I saw layers and layers of things kids had carved over the years.  The bridges over the creek and how they had names (though I only remember the “thunder bridge”)  Crayfish and the peculiar scent that everything had.  How there was always one kid that was scared all the time and another that never knew when to quit.  

We aren’t so different from the kids we were back then, the only difference–being adults–is the egos are bigger really.  I

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