1 Jul

ACH!  Allergies have attacked me this weekend leaving me headstopped and completely stupid.  It’s an odd state really, where I feel somewhat dull most of the time and lack my normal bright-eyed bushytailedness is very lacking.  Normally I’m full of ambition, but right now outside of just doing the basics, I’m happy to just lay about and have the sun about me.  It’s nice.  Zen-like I guess.

Also I can never get lost due to the frequency of my sneezing!  (And they’re big blammo sneezes too, none of these tiny little eeps.  Nothing’s worse than a swallowed sneeze.  I say to the world, sneeze with aplomb!  There’s no shame!  Well I cover my mouth, because I don’t believe in sharing myself to that extent with the world.)

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